Bluetooth earpiece provides encrypted link

Designed to work with its APX radios, Motorola’s Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece allows for hands-free, secure Bluetooth-enabled communications.

During the pairing process, the Bluetooth IDs and a 128-bit key are exchanged between the earpiece and radio for solid security. The pairing is executed using a radio-enabled P2T button connected to the earpiece. It is worn close to the radio, allowing for very-low-power Bluetooth transmissions that cannot be detected more than a few inches away.

Long-life clamshell battery

Designed for use on the Liberty Multiband Land Mobile Radio, Thales’s Liberty AA clamshell battery is a 12-alkaline battery that can provide 8 hours of operation at 2 watts, at a duty cycle of 10:10:80 (TX:RX:STBY). The battery is available in black and in orange. Its cassette design allows the battery to be easily changed, regardless of whether it is attached to the radio. The clamshell battery lets first responders operate a multiband portable radio in areas where power has been disrupted or is otherwise unavailable.

Bluetooth headset for portables

PRYME’s Prymeblu products allow users to use a standard Bluetooth headset with a two-way radio in place of a wired speaker microphone. Just attach a Prymeblu Bluetooth adapter to a portable radio’s accessory port and then pair the headset with the adapter. If the Bluetooth headset supports multipoint operation, the adapter allows the same headset to also operate a cell phone and two-way radio. For truly wireless operation, the adapter can be combined with the new Prymeblu PTT (sold separately), which lets users activate the radio’s push-to-talk remotely. The Prymeblu series is compatible with most two-way radio models.

Dispatch solution eliminates PC sound cards

Telex’s new ADHB-4 Advanced Digital Headset Box processes audio internally and transfers the signal via USB. This eliminates the need for PC sound cards, and removes the barrier between users of different PC audio platforms, according to the company. The Windows 7/XP-compatible device includes all the connections necessary for integration into the most common radio-dispatch configurations. These include footswitch input, output relays, auxiliary inputs, RJ11 microphone, XLR microphone, and ¼-inch headset jack. The ADHB-4 supports up to six speakers per position and is equipped with a full-color LCD screen.

Voice-only cellphone link for fleet vehicles

AdvanceTec Industries has devised a product that only allows voice cellular calls from fleet vehicles. This reduces liability by preventing vehicle occupants from sending and receiving text messages while driving, according to the company. Known as the AdvanceMobile VX1 GSM Fixed Mobile Phone Solution, this technology also lets fleet managers track mobile assets using built-in GPS, monitor their speeds and call for help with the push of a single button. The AdvanceMobile VX1 can be activated on AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile or any other GSM carrier in the U.S. using existing voice plans.

GPS speaker microphone

Kenwood’s new GPS speaker microphone, the KMC-48GPS, expands FleetSync tracking capabilities for effective fleet management. The device is compatible with many Kenwood portables and meets MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F. It features noise cancellation, a 3.5mm jack, and lithium-ion–powered backup.