The Guardian II series of portable radios from Datron operates in both VHF (136–174 MHz) and UHF (380–520 MHz). The radio covers the entire UHF band, which is a differentiator, according to John Biljan, the company’s national sales manager. “This means that you don’t have to buy two bands or two different radios to cover that whole split,” Biljan said. “Where other manufacturers go 380 to 450 and then 420 to 520, we cover everything in one radio.” The radios are available in three configurations: no keypad/no display, full keypad and display and limited keypad and display. A second version, the Tri-Band, covers the 762–870 MHz frequencies in addition to the aforementioned VHF and UHF frequencies. All of the radios offer an AMBE +2 vocoder, 25/12.5 kHz channel spacing, FIPS-certified encryption, internal GPS receiver, battery gauge and an IP67 rating for submersion.