FreeWave Technologies unveiled the MM2-M13 and the MM2-MU. The radios were developed for government and military OEMs that needed devices to support communications from command-and-control to remote sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles, said Tim Stevens, product manager of embedded systems for FreeWave.

The MM2-M13 operates in the 1.3 GHz band, and the MM2-MU operates in the UHF band at 340 to 400 MHz. The radios are encased in a small form factor at 50.8 mm by 50.8 mm and 21 g. They feature a 2 W (1W for the MM2-M13) transmitter power that extends the radio’s range to more than 60 miles. Stevens said it can act as a slave/repeater to further extending the network’s range and coverage. Low-power consumption also allows for extended operation, whether it is the time a UAV is flown or the time a ground sensor can operate on a battery without being recharged, he said.

Stevens said the radios have a receive sensitivity of –107 dBm for BER 10-4, extending its range for longer missions and better intelligence. It also offers 230.4 kb/s of throughput for transferring critical data back to ground troops quickly.

“It provides robust wireless communications that have been tested and proven in ruggedized environments,” Stevens said.