KANSAS CITY—The Genesis Group this week is demonstrating its Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface (GADI) software package that is designed to work with Motorola’s MCC 7500—or Vortex—dispatch console, the communication giant’s IP dispatch solution.

With the Genesis GADI, an alert mechanism is designed to ensure that users speaking on any talk group within a system can be heard, even if a talk group is not being monitored at the time, Genesis President and CEO Phil Burks said.

“Genesis greatly enhances the emergency-handling capability of the Motorola MCC 7500 console,” Burks said. “We also have the ability, with GADI, to make patching very, very easy.”

At the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) show, Genesis also is demonstrating its RiverBoard, a customizable keyboard that uses macros to enable quick, one-button access to dispatch functions that otherwise would require multiple mouse clicks, Burks said. A Genesis customer who supervises dispatch operations inspired the product, he said.

“It has the ability to combine with other Genesis tools, to do quick lookups into our database … giving the dispatcher much more power than the native MCC 7500 has,” Burks said. “Right now, it’s designed only for the MCC 7500, but we probably will bring it to Gold Elite—the predecessor to the MCC 7500—and to other manufacturers, if they want it.”