LAS VEGAS — On the heels of a successful LTE push-to-talk demonstration on live networks in Texas, Harris this week will conduct a similar demonstration of the capability on the show floor of the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

Last week, Harris announced the first fully integrated network to support push-to-talk calls from Nokia Siemens Networks’ private LTE system to and from the Harris P25 system owned by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The dispatch connections with a mobile user were “high-performance push-to-talk, in terms of both setup and latency,” according to James Teel, James Teel, director of business development at Harris.

“The speed of which we’re doing it over the P25 network is essentially the same as we’re doing it over the LTE network,” Teel said. “You cannot feel or perceptively see any changes or added delays on the LTE side.”

While conducting the push-to-talk communications, the systems also were receiving real-time video from the vehicle and from fixed cameras in the area via the LTE network that could be controlled remotely, Teel said. In addition, location information from a GPS system in the mobile camera was provided to the LTE control room, he said.

“Not only are we seeing his video live, but we’re bread-crumbing him on a map, so we can see where he’s been and where he currently is as he drives through the area,” Teel said.

Harris will conduct a similar demonstration this week on the IWCE show floor, but not in a mobile environment, Teel said.

“We won’t have anyone driving around,” he said. “It will all be contained on the show floor.”