Harris last week announced that its Unity XG-100P portable multiband radio has been type-accepted by the FCC and today officially introduced the Unity XG-100M, a mobile version of the multiband radio.

Both Unity offerings were displayed last week at the Harris booth during the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE). Both products provide coverage for the VHF, UHF and 700/800 bands in a single radio; support P25 trunking, P25 conventional and analog modes of operation; and allow for software-only upgrades to P25 Phase 2.

Featuring noise-cancellation technology that should be attractive to the firefighting users that encounter considerable background noise during their missions, the Unity portable radio has been demonstrated at trade shows for the past year.

“With FCC type acceptance, shipments will begin shortly,” said Harris spokesman Steve Frackleton.

The new Harris Unity mobile radio will have the same feature set as the Unity portables, but the multiband mobile radio will be available with 50-watt transmit power for UHF/VHF and 35-watt transmit power for the 700/800 MHz bands, Frackleton said. A high-power 110-watt Unity mobile also is being planned, according to the company.

Frackleton said shipping of the Unity mobile, which has not yet been certified by the FCC, is expected to begin next year.