LAS VEGAS — High-noise communications headset vendor Sensear this week will display a cordless Bluetooth solution and its intrinsically safe communications ear muff during the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

Using Pryme’s Radio Products’ Bluetooth dongle that connects to the two-way radio and syncs to a Sensear headset, users can communicate in high-noise environments up to 120 dB without having to use a cord, said David Cannington, chief marketing officer for Sensear.

“There have always been a lot of complaints about cords from a two-way radio up to a headset,” Cannington said.

In addition, Sensear will display its latest communications ear muff, which has been approved as being intrinsically safe in combustible environments and began shipping last month.

Sensear’s intrinsically safe product is the company’s most complex communication muff, which enables face-to-face communications, two-way radio connection, synchronization to a Bluetooth cell phone and short-range communications capability between ear muffs at a maximum distance of 50 meters, Cannington said. Re-engineering the product to meet ATEX standards for intrinsic safety and completely the certification process has taken almost two years, he said.

“It’s a long, tedious process of getting certification globally,” Cannington said.

Sensear is exhibiting at IWCE for the second consecutive year after officials re-evaluated the company’s value proposition less than two years ago, Cannington said.

“We were ostensibly a hearing-protection company, but what we realized about 18 months ago was that about 75% of the products we were shipping were with a cord to connect with a two-way radio — it was quite a revelation for us as a company,” he said. “We’re actually not a hearing-protection company; we’re a high-noise communication company, because people are using our devices to communicate.”