unveiled the JuiceBar solar charger that lets users charge mobile devices via a clean energy source: sunlight. The device charges mobile phones, PDAs, satellite navigation and other handheld devices, said Christina Hansen, a product specialist with

The JuiceBar is about the size of a standard cell phone with mini-solar cells on the top surface. When left in sunlight for 8 hours, it provides two cell-phone batteries worth of power. The device charges one handheld device at a time and includes 12 different device connectors, including a USB cable, a DC cable, and Motorola V66 and iPhone connectors. Hansen said it performs best in direct sunlight.

Hansen said the charger is helpful during a power outage, for example if a hurricane hits an area and destroys power and telephone lines. In those situations, the device can charge communication devices — even if the result isn’t immediate.

“It does take a while to get a full charge,” she said. “But compared to waiting hours or days during a hurricane when you never know when the power is coming back on it is a great option to power communication devices.”

The charger costs around $40.