Tait Radio Communications is now offering a dual-head Project 25 mobile radio. “The application where this is most readily used is in fire ladder trucks, where there’s someone in the back steering, and in ambulances, so they can have a control channel up in the cab and also in the back,” said Paul Middleton, director of marketing. Each control head can be mounted a considerable distance from the radio, which is advantageous for in-building applications, Middleton added. “You can mount [the radio] on the roof, near the external antenna, for low signal loss, and then run coaxial cable through the building to the control heads,” he said. “Then, two people can be working off the same radio and they can be 10 floors away from each other.” Tait also now has available a non-encryption, non-intrinsically safe version of its TP9135 portable radio, which sells for about 30% less than the more robust version, Middleton said. “It’s a nice budget-stretcher,” he said.