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States take varied approaches to regulating body-camera footage

House passes bill limiting drone flight near airports, public safety

French authorities serve notice to Microsoft for Windows 10 privacy failings

Huawei, Vodafone 5G test passes 20 GB/s mark on high-band 70 GHz spectrum

Google cuts its giant electricity bill with DeepMind-powered AI

Verizon comes out against throttling, prioritization

Slow Verizon Internet service prevents two doctors from viewing X-rays online

Could Bulgaria’s open-source law transform government software worldwide?

Why do we have smart-home apps at all?

Meet the cyber mercenaries selling spyware to governments

U.S. pumps $400 million into next-generation wireless research

The last mile of IoT: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Steve Ghee on the future of augmented reality

Amazon envisions drone recharging stations on streetlights, patent filing shows

Microsoft’s big bet on the cloud is paying off


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News announcements from our industry

Sprint says 36% of 800 MHz Phase II licensees along the U.S.-Mexico border have completed rebanding

FCC’s public-safety and homeland-security bureau (PSHSB) announces comment dates for Part 4 reporting changes and updates

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announces intention to appoint Howard Symons as agency’s new general counsel

UTC expert speaks before the Illinois Commerce Commission on power-grid reliability, security