Kenwood this week at IWCE displayed its new NEXEDGE IP dispatch console, designed to be a pure end-to-end IP communications system for NEXEDGE trunked repeaters. The console can accommodate more than 50 positions and 200 lines.

Kenwood also displayed the new KMC-51M/52W noise-cancelling speaker microphones, designed for emergency and heavy-industrial environments. The microphones feature DSP signal analysis for intelligent adaption to extreme noise at varying levels and is designed to work with Kenwood NEXEDGE digital radios.

NEXEDGE System firmware Version 2.8 enhances the GPS/AVL utility, the KGP-149RM repeater monitor software enables continuous monitoring of repeaters on an NXDN trunked or conventional IP network and the new NEXEDGE NX-200S/300S non-LCD platform portables, NXR-700E/800E 25 Watt Repeaters and NEXEDGE 900 MHz products are among the latest developments in the digital NEXEDGE line-up from Kenwood.

The KGP-149RM Repeater Monitor Software can be used with NXDN single-site and multi-site trunked networks or NXDN® conventional IP networks and allows 24/7 monitoring and alerts to problems with any repeater within the system, with custom alarm and notification features.

New NX-200S/300S, non-LCD portables are ideal for users on a NEXEDGE system that do not require full operating capabilities. New NXR-700E/800E repeaters, at 25 watts of output power, are designed for users who require lower power capabilities, and the NXR-710/810 Repeaters include the updated Version 1/5 firmware update to allow conventional voting operation for expanded capabilities.