Moducom's Ultra-Com IP is an enhanced 911/radio dispatch control system that features call logging and recording capabilities. All telephone audio is stored on the E-911Server. Calls can be retrieved using the built-in search, filter and report utilities from any access point on the network. All call and audio data are backed up on DVD-RAM media. The system also is eligible for free software upgrades.

Verint Systems Inc. offers its Impact 360 with Audiolog software. The multimedia call recording, quality assurance, retrieve and archive solution features a single platform across IP, TDM and radio, integrated quality assurance for call-takers and dispatchers, a multi-channel player for incident replay, screen recording, and instant recall for playback of current and recent calls.

Eventide offers MediaWorks, a full-featured, scalable remote client for its Atlas family of purpose-built digital media recorders. MediaWorks provides password-protected access from networked Windows computers. MediaAgent provides live monitor, instant recall and record on-demand, while MediaCoach provides call-taker evaluation functionality. Atlas media recorders support audio, video, screen capture, e-mail and photos.

VPI's Empower 911 suite provides tools to record, analyze, evaluate and improve the quality of emergency call-taker and dispatcher communications. The modular suite features the company's Capture Pro, Quality and VPI Coaching software programs. In addition to unified voice logging of analog, digital and VoIP phones and radios, the future-ready technology offers automated capture of incident ID and type, incident recreation, instant recall, and secure file and data encryption.

Nice Systems' Inform multimedia incident information management solution fuses voice recordings,surveillance video and multimedia incident information from various public-safety sub-systems into a 360° incident view. New to Inform Version 3 is a media player that lets users share complete incident reconstructions with attorneys, investigators and other departments securely and efficiently.