Motorola Solutions recently announced the Minitor VI, the latest version of the company’s popular two-tone voice pager that boasts twice the messaging capacity of the Minitor V and an alkaline-battery tray that provides a power option when the pager’s rechargeable battery is drained. 

“We have gotten a lot of feedback since 2007 when we introduced the Minitor V,” Randy Helm, director of product management for professional, commercial and business radio at Motorola Solutions, said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “We listened to what our customers said and made the enhancements that they asked for.”

A key enhancement is that the Minitor VI can store and manage 16 minutes of messages, doubling the 8 minutes of messages that could be handled by the Minitor V, according to Motorola Solutions officials. In addition to message-management features such as fast forward, rewind, skip and delete, the Minitor VI lets users lock messages.

To identify who is sending a page message, the Minitor VI supports call alerts that can generate different tones or vibrations based on the source of the page.

In terms of powering the pager, the Minitor VI’s rechargeable battery can be charged via traditional methods or via a new USB port. When the rechargeable battery is drained and recharging is not an option, Minitor VI users can keep the pager operational by filling the new alkaline-battery tray.

The intrinsically-safe version of the Minitor VI pager is priced similarly to the Minitor V, ranging between $500 and $600. But the Minitor VI has a lower-cost, non-intrinsically safe model that costs about $100 less, Helm said. The option to purchase the lower-priced model fits in the Motorola Solutions’ goal of making the product customizable to meet customer needs.