By Michele Altman

It is no surprise that consumers continue to increase use of mobile devices, causing tremendous growth in wireless traffic. Expansion in wireless usage necessitates the addition of new technologies and certified professionals to install, maintain, support and design communications systems.

Not surprisingly, also increasing are industry requests for certification to validate knowledge and ability in order to bridge the skills gap and keep up with changing technology. Certification shows that the holder has accepted the challenge to stay informed of new developments in their career field.

“ETA International intends to lead the industry in providing the necessary certifications to ensure that there are competent installers and technicians certified and available for work on equipment in use today and tomorrow,” said ETA President Teresa Maher.

Designed to keep up with the demand for more bandwidth and faster connection time, technologies such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), have evolved. DAS technology can be used for indoor locations--mainly to boost signal coverage in large buildings, as well as at stadiums and shopping malls--and for outdoor purposes. 

ETA recently released its new DAS certification to meet the increasing demand for certified professionals to expand the wireless network footprint.