Altera debuted a new four-channel, standard-definition video analytics solution targeting digital video recorders and network video recorders (NVRs) for surveillance systems. Jointly developed with Eutecus, the solution lets customers analyze four D1 480p/30fps (frames-per second) video channels simultaneously using a single FPGA.

The solution includes a low-cost, low-power Cyclone IV FPGA and Eutecus' Multi-Core Video Analytics Engine core, which performs the analytics functions in the FPGA. Compared to a DSP or traditional server-based approach, this solution allows designers to reduce cost by replacing multiple DSP processors with a single FPGA while lowering power consumption to under 3W. Altera's FPGA-based video surveillance solution is ideal for customers designing a wide variety of applications, including banking, education, city, industrial, government and traffic surveillance systems.

This FPGA-based video analytics solution is highly flexible and allows designers to customize their own video surveillance system. The Eutecus' MVE(TM) IP combines massively parallel algorithms and specialized multi-core coprocessors with multiple Altera Nios II cores integrated into a Cyclone IV FPGA. The solution comes with a software GUI that allows designers to customize the event-detection parameters and rules for their specific applications. The Eutecus' IP includes a robust application programming interface (API) that interfaces with a customer's video management systems or can be used to develop custom GUI solutions.