Aware, a global provider of biometrics and imaging software, has developed the next-generation Universal Automated Booking Station (ABS) for use by the Justice Department.

Universal ABS is a biometric enrollment application built upon Aware's BioComponents product family; a flexible, modular, COTS software framework that is far more easily configured and maintained than a "hardcoded" application that would otherwise require different source code for each agency's implementation. BioComponents provide a common code base that supports easy configuration of different Universal ABS implementations for each agency within the Department of Justice, fulfilling their specific requirements while simplifying ongoing maintenance and support of the applications.

Each of the currently available components that comprise the BioComponents product are independent, self-contained software modules that provide their own user interface, biometric autocapture functionality, image processing and analysis, and peripheral capture device abstraction. They can be quickly assembled and configured to fulfill custom workflow and functionality requirements.

BioComponents is Aware's newest biometric user interface software application framework. It is API-based and designed to enable extremely fast implementation of a robust, advanced biometric enrollment application, yet also enable a high degree of configurability in terms of functionality and workflow. It is comprised of modular, independent, self-contained software components that can operate either independently or in concert, with each performing a specific biometric task. Each biometric capture Component has its own configurable user interface, and performs all tasks and workflows required for capture, hardware abstraction, and quality assurance.

The components are OEM focused software products that are available a la carte. Currently available BioComponents are: TextComponent, FingerprintComponent, FaceComponent, FormComponent, PrintComponent, and SubmitComponent. Each Component is packaged as either a Java applet or .NET user control, and can be used independently within either a Microsoft C#/.NET or Java application, or in a variety of web environments (ASP.NET, JSP, HTML). For more information about BioComponents, visit