From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette: The Massachusetts Broadband Institute worked with the state Department of Transportation to lay miles of fiberoptic cable along Interstate 91 from the Connecticut state line to Vermont. The network, MassBroadband 123, is being tested now and eventually will bring high-speed Internet service to more than 120 cities and towns in Western and northern Central Massachusetts.

Once the network is up and running, Internet providers can sign contracts with MBI to lease space on the network with the goal of providing service to areas that lack Internet access or are underserved. Eight providers have already signed letters of intent.

The agency also plans to connect 1,300 community “anchor institutions” — schools, town halls, police and fire stations, hospitals, libraries, colleges and state government offices.
MBI has also completed a survey of 35,000 utility poles on which fiber-optic cables will be placed.

The agency expects to complete stringing cable in 2012. Completion of the network is scheduled for 2013. Read the entire article here.