From Government Security News: BRS Labs and Verint Systems were each handed winner’s trophies by the judges in the GSN 2011 homeland security category of “Best Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution.”

BRS Labs — also known as Behavioral Recognition Systems — Inc., was awarded its honor based on a video analytics system it has developed which follows a path, as it likes to say, “consistent with the human cognitive process.” This system, which BRS Labs calls AISight, has the ability to interconnect video images with machine learning and machine intelligence, also known as Artificial Neural Networks, or ANNs, explained the company in its awards competition entry form. Essentially, the company’s software is able to view a scene during many days or weeks and determine what “normally” occurs in that area. Then, when it notices an abnormality, the software can recognize unexpected behavior and trigger an alarm..

Verint Systems won for its Nextiva physical security information management, or PSIM, system. The Nextiva PSIM provides “actionable intelligence” for airports, seaports, cities and metropolitan areas, petrochemical and utility companies, large corporations, schools and government institutions, explained Verint in its official entry form. Nextiva is based on a four-phase incident management cycle that includes planning, training, real-time monitoring and control, and reporting and debriefing.