From Government Technology: California's Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has released its strategic plan to develop the state's next-generation 911 services.

The next phase requires working with stakeholders to determine the best approach for the 911 network. It's too soon to determine a timeline. Given the state's large size and geographic diversity, officials still have to figure out whether it will be a statewide or regional implementation.

In April, California deployed the Emergency Call Tracking System(ECaTS), a solution that could cut the time it takes to gather the state's 911 call data from months to a matter of minutes. The secure, Web-based management tool can report on all 911 PSAPs in an entire county, jurisdiction or state, giving clients quick access to key stats: call volume, frequency, type, geographical trends, etc. The strategic plan represents the next step in ushering the state's 911 call centers into the 21st century.