Infrax Systems recently introduced the Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection (SPIDer) network, which consists of three options or levels of detection to identify intruders in areas that are secure and restricted.

The first level uses electronically charged coaxial cables that are attached to chain link fencing. Excessive fence movement such as climbing or cutting the material will set off an alarm indicating that an attempt to breach the security perimeter has occurred. The Level one configuration is a very cost effective means to secure critical infrastructure and meet general system security requirements that may be required by NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corp.) and other regulating bodies.

The second level consists of a visual intrusion monitoring network. This wireless and battery operated network of image sensors communicates to the security center through the cellular network. The network provides 24/7 monitoring and notification via visual and infrared sensors and transmits images through the Internet and e-mail to security. Once motion is detected, an alarm is sent to the security team along with a high definition picture that will allow identification of the threat. The industry leading infrared imager provides medium-resolution black-and-white images at night that detect movement up to 100 feet from the sensor. The network can be rapidly deployed and redeployed throughout the security perimeter and sensors can be quickly added or removed from the network.

The third level is a multi-level detection and verification network that uses both level one and level two sensors to rapidly identify a potential threat and provide information for a rapid decision. The level one portion of the network is designed to provide intrusion alarm while the level 2 sensors will provide image verification that the perimeter has been breached. The combination of the two systems provides a high level of security while minimizing false alarms.