Multigig recently introduced the MPS14, a dual-PLL synthesizer on a single IC. It offers a low jitter — between 0.2ps and 0.45ps — and advanced clocking functions through external FPGA logic.

The MPS14 integrates two ultra-low-jitter, any-frequency, flexible PLLs that can independently generate output frequencies from 12 MHz to 938 MHz with precision better than 0.1ppb. In addition to high performance telecommunications applications, the MPS14 also delivers clocking capabilities that benefit applications in networking, data storage, SERDES and PHY applications.

The MPS14 operates from a low-cost fundamental mode crystal in the range of 22MHz to 54MHz, eliminating the need for boutique and poorly available SAW, inverted-mesa and third overtone quartz technologies. Featuring independently programmable output buffers with independent power rails that allow mix-and-match output formats, the MPS14 supports any combination of LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL and CMOS on its four outputs.