From Unified Communications Strategies: In this podcast, a panel of consultants discusses E911 enterprise compliance. As unified communications allows greater flexibility in how a workforce is deployed, the issues and challenges involved in employee safety increase.

Takeaways from this podcast:

  • The best thing that an enterprise can do is to plan, and approach their vendor partners to see if they have an E911 strategy that they can help you with.
  • For consultants and enterprises, be very explicit in RFP requirements as to the things that you need in your E911 compliance for your state or where you do business.
  • Do other things just outside of technology. Talk to your safety and governance people or your risk executives as to what those policies are and what they are prepared to do.
  • Do your homework as to what happens when you make a 911 call today. Is the right information posted as to the actual service ID address that a visitor is at? Do they really know what address they are able to give to a PSAP Officer if they had to make a 911 call?
  • At a campus where you check in with security, what are the orientations that you give to a visitor or someone when they sign in? Are they escorted? Is there a piece of information that you can put on the back of their visitor badge that tells them some of the components or advice about dialing E911 from their enterprise campus?
Listen here.