Maricopa Region 911 has deployed Talari Networks' WAN Virtualization solution to help the agency increase the resiliency and deployment flexibility of its 911 data network that routes emergency calls to police, fire and other first responders within the Arizona cities of Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale.

WAN Virtualization combines two or more WAN connections — Maricopa Region 911's network consists of private Frame Relay T1s and public Internet IPSec VPNs — to create a low-cost virtual WAN with business-class (99.99 percent) reliability and predictable performance, reacting sub-second to link failures and congestion-related network problems. This fast response time effectively eliminates dropped calls and data application time-outs.

The goal is to transition all to VoIP. Maricopa Region 911 fields more than 2.5 million 911 calls annually.