RF Code Inc. announced a new fixed reader that advances the overall capability of the company's reader offering. The M250 reader offers a more robust solution to customers with tag-dense environments and remote sites with poor network connections. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Power over Ethernet (PoE). This reduces the operational costs associated with providing power to the device because there’s no need to wire for power. All that’s required is to drop an Ethernet cable and attach the reader to the existing network.

The new reader works with all RF Code active RFID asset tags and environmental sensors and all wired and wireless network infrastructures. Readers pick up data transmitted by tags and sensors and then relay that information, such as asset ID number, to software that interprets that data.

The new reader can transmit tag data to multiple copies of RF Code’s Asset Manager and Sensor Manager software. This means that different functional groups within a larger enterprise — for example, facilities and data center personnel — can both share the same RF Code reader infrastructure to read and transmit their group’s asset tag or environmental sensor data, while still maintaining secure access to their own department’s asset tracking or environmental monitoring.

Lastly, the reader is designed to provide increased data reliability over cell networks or poorly connected remote locations. If the network connection does go down, the reader will continue to capture and store tag and sensor information. Once the network connection is restored, the reader will then automatically forward captured data to the software for management.

Click here for technical specifications about the new reader.