The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is live with InterAct Online RMS, a system implemented to improve the effectiveness of the agency by providing the wardens the ability to efficiently collect, evaluate, organize, analyze and share reliable incident related data.

One important function of TPWD is border security as the agency participates in Operation Border Star, a joint effort involving the U.S. Border Patrol, Coast Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, TPWD, local law enforcement authorities and many other state and federal partners. The team was established to enforce and protect the border area from El Paso to Brownsville and the lower Gulf Coast to protect Texas citizens by providing a force multiplier that serves to deter crime along our Mexican border. As a support agency in this effort, TPWD game wardens respond and participate in Operation Border Star activities at the request of the Border Security Operations Center (SOC).

Prior to using InterAct Online RMS, TPWD wardens collected information in notebooks and did not have the capability to easily share information with other wardens. Via the InterAct Online RMS SmartSearch, they now have access to information collected from all 532 wardens in the 10 TPWD regions. In addition, they also now have access to information from over 100 InterAct RMS Online agencies as well as all the agencies submitting to the Law Enforcement Analysis Portal (LEAP) in Texas. From a border security perspective, the InterAct Online RMS automatically submits data to both LEAP and the Texas Data Exchange (TDEx) making this information available to border security personnel and law enforcement officers across the state.