From Connected Planet: Increased interest in compliance and machine-to-machine-to-people (m2m2p) communications are among the 10 top business technology trends noted by Verizon on a list issued today. Verizon based the report on interactions with customers but also “put our own take on this because of where we sit,” a company spokeswoman said.

Verizon also noted some new developments within key technology areas, including social networking, the cloud, video, personalization, energy conservation and others.

  • The “High-IQ Network Effect” will drive increased interest in service level agreements because today’s intelligent networks are carrying more mission-critical data.
  • Chief Information Officers will increasingly be called upon to support strategic initiatives based on applying predictive analytics to enterprise databases.

  • Video is fast becoming the “pervasive and preferred communication vehicle for many enterprise activities” such as team meetings and on-demand information about key projects.

  • Service personalization — such as local phone numbers that reach distant call centers — will become increasingly important.
  • Enterprise apps increasingly will mimic developments in the consumer arena — for example Verizon predicts that enterprise apps will become more widely available via enterprise app storefronts.
  • Public-private partnerships — such as those involving manufacturers, service providers and utility companies — will play a growing role in helping companies conserve energy.
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