CMOS transceiver chips using Terocelo's patented True Software Radio technology will be available in about a year, when they can be integrated into mobile handsets.

Known as TechnoConcepts until changing its name in June, Terocelo currently provides silicon germanium transceiver chips that enable communications with commercial protocols operating in spectrum from 800 MHz to 6 GHz, said Alan Varghese, Terocelo's director of marketing. These chipset are used most often in infrastructure equipment like femto- and picocell gear and other “market segments where power consumption is not the most critical issue, and software upgradeability and flexibility is,” he said.

Terocelo is developing a CMOS chipset that will address commercial concerns regarding device battery life, Varghese said. A test chip should be ready this winter, and plans call for the CMOS transceiver to be commercially available during the summer or fall of 2008, he said.