Aluma Tower Co. unveiled the Scorpion 53-70 trailer tower unit. The latest addition to company's product line boasts several key attributes yet to be achieved in the mobile tower arena, said Vice President Ronald Diniz.

Aluma Tower Co. offers portable lightweight aluminum telescoping towers combined with trailers and optional shelters to support a portable mobile command center or Cell-on-Wheels. A new patent-pending feature makes the Scorpion unique in the marketplace, Diniz said. It offers aluminum sliding bars to replace guy wires, a tensioned cable designed to add stability to structures. It locks all of the pieces of technology on the tower "creating one solid mast, and whenever the tower moves the whole product moves instead of having most of the movement at three-feet of overlap on the bottom — it's equal movement throughout," he said.

"It allows us to reach heights now that you couldn't get with aluminum previously and lets us compete with the big boys," he said.

Safety features include a safety stop switch that locks the unit and blocks operators from raising or lowering the tower. It also offers what Diniz calls "limit" switches at top at the bottom that keeps operators from overextending or over-lowering the towers, which could result in stress on the cables built into the structure.

"The switches will turn off the unit before any damage can take place," Diniz said.

The Scorpion also can be equipped with a generator, fuel tank, radio cabinet, or many other accessories offered by Aluma Tower. It costs $50,000 with a delivery range of up to seven weeks because each unit is custom built, Diniz said.