Recording technology provider CyberTech International today announced the immediate availability of CyberTech Release 5.3, which includes enhanced resilience, security and advanced media-management features.

Used by leading financial-services enterprises, public-safety answering points (PSAPs) and other entities requiring call-recording solutions, CyberTech has become a "de facto standard" for many in the industry, said CyberTech marketing manager Ed Kawecki.

Within the 5.3 release, CyberTech improved its resiliency by allowing devices to connect to multiple computer telephony interfaces (CTIs), Kawecki said.

"We looked at our platform, and we looked at what single points of failure were in there, and we removed our last one," Kawecki said. "What we've done is build in a management mechanism that allows multiple links to talk to us in the event of a failure. Before that, it had to be a manual turnover; now, it's all automated."

Other features of the 5.3 release include greater security through advanced integration with Cisco and Avaya equipment, enabling calls to be encrypted but still be recorded, Kawecki said.

In addition, the latest CyberTech version lets users establish when recording can be deleted — typically based on legal or operational policies established by the organization — and the solution deletes automatically, Kawecki said.

"What we've built into this version is a secure delete engine," he said. "When you define how long you want to keep a call, at the conclusion of that time, the system will scrub the audio from its storage repository."

For calls recordings that need to be kept for a longer period of time — for instance, those associated with an ongoing legal case or investigation — CyberTech allows that within its own suite and through integration with EMC's data information and storage solutions, Kawecki said.

CyberTech Release 5.3 is available today as a new installation or as a free-of-charge upgrade from previous releases.