EmFinder unveiled an emergency location solution that can be used to find an impaired or disabled person after he goes missing, said Chris Buehler, the company’s president.

The solution uses software, hardware and network technology to transmit location data. The individual wears a small wristband device, which is activated after caregivers contact both the police and EmFinder’s customer-service representatives. On customer service has verified that an emergency has occurred — which happens in near-real time, Buehler said — the company turns on the device through a secure, standard GSM wireless network. It then transmits location data to a 911 center.

“The device provides location information via the Phase II e911 technology, to a 911 operator, including longitude and latitude,” he said. “It’s intended to be discreet and worn by the person with an impairment such as Alzheimer’s or autism.

The person wearing the device may be in some kind of impaired state, so he or she cannot be counted on to provide audible information to 911 operators, Buehler said.

“Our device has pre-recorded audio data provided in voice format for a 911 operator,” Buehler said. “It provides specific instructions and direction to a 911 operator to the nature of the impairment and steps to take for identifying the missing person.”

The caregiver typically pays for the cost of the device and emergency link through a monthly service, Buehler said.