Enterprises and individuals using wireless microphones operating in the 700 MHz band must retune or replace the devices this week to ensure that they don’t interfere with commercial and public-safety networks in the band, the FCC recently reminded consumers.

The FCC prohibition on 700 MHz wireless microphones will become effective on Saturday, June 12. The ban was established to ensure that fourth-generation commercial and public-safety networks in the band would not be subject to interference from the wireless microphones. Users who operate wireless devices in violation of the rule “may be subject to monetary forfeitures, seizure of the radio equipment, or criminal sanctions,” according to the FCC.

FCC spokesman Rob Kenny said the agency has conducted a “full-court press” of consumer-outreach initiatives to ensure that users are aware that the ban will be effective next week.

Public-safety officials applauded the FCC ban on wireless microphones, but they have expressed concern about the ability to educate users of the devices, because they are not licensed and users — such as community theaters and churches — may not follow FCC rules or even know whether their microphones operate at 700 MHz.