LAS VEGAS — Software vendor Genesis is in the process of expanding its LMR network-management solution to broadband systems to meet the needs of public-safety and enterprise customers.

“The big story is the integration of the Genesis tools into more and more of the marketplace, including LTE,” said Jim Nipp, vice president of business development for Genesis.

For years, Genesis has been an industry leader in providing packet-level information about network traffic on LMR networks that can be used for billing, performance verification and forensic reporting. Today, Genesis also is able to incorporate SNMP (simple network management protocol) hardware information, making its network-management solution even more valuable to network operators and users, Nipp said.

“It’s a lot bigger picture with all the integration of the hardware and the different inputs from the data networks,” he said. “We’ve known what traffic is happening on the sites, but also we know the status of each piece of hardware at the site for diagnostic purposes. The amount of information that we store on a radio network has probably increased 3X or 4X in the last couple of years.”

Because many public-safety customers are familiar with the Genesis network-management tools from their LMR experience, Nipp said “more and more manufacturers want to integrate with us,” including LTE vendors. However, Nipp said does not believe the company will be able to announce any deals until the second half of the year.

This week at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) show, Genesis software will be part of two-site demonstration of Motorola’s MotoTRBO Connect Plus solution, Nipp said. The Genesis GW3-TRBO package provides network information that is familiar to public-safety customers but is new to many enterprise-level operators, he said.

“They’re beating down the door for pre-sales before we can even get it out the door fully, but it will be there,” Nipp said, noting that the solution will be commercially available by the end of the second quarter.