HOUSTON — Network-management provider The Genesis Group and mobile-VPN developer Radio IP Software today announced a technology partnership that calls for Genesis to develop a reporting platform for Radio IP’s family of mobile VPN products later this year.

Known for its network reporting programs and tools designed to help LMR operators maximize network efficiency and provide billing information to users, Genesis will be developing its first suite of broadband reporting tools through the Radio IP agreement, said Jim Nipp, project manager for Genesis.

“Radio IP had no reporting tools, but they had something we very much want, which is a leg into the mobile broadband world,” Nipp said in an interview.

With many public-safety entities contemplating the deployment of LTE networks in the 700 MHz band, Genesis hopes to demonstrate the ability to provide reporting tools network operators are seeking in the broadband arena as well as LMR.

“The Genesis tool can combine that with the information we already have on the two-way radio network into one reporting package to be able show all the things they are used to seeing with the Genesis tool,” Nipp said. “At least half of the calls that I take are public-safety people wanting to know what we’re doing for LTE broadband.”

For Radio IP, the technology partnership will let the VPN provider offer advanced reporting solutions to customers using its suite of solutions, including MTG, ipUnplugged and Mult-IP.

“The rapid growth in mobile work forces is driving the need for more accurate and timely business intelligence,” Patrick Tabourin, Radio IP’s vice president of marketing and product management, said in a prepared statement. “Genesis has built a very solid reputation for developing creative and innovative management software solutions, and we’re looking forward to launching our next-generation reporting engine in partnership with Genesis by the end of 2010.”

New reporting capabilities will capture statistics such as trunk utilization, network and VPN connectivity issues, and roaming frequency — by application and by network — to give IT administrators information needed to make decisions regarding VPN maintenance and plans for the future.

“We’re extremely proud to partner with Radio IP, a leader for the coming high speed wireless data explosion,” Genesis President Phil Burks said in prepared statement. “This is a case of two ‘best of breed’ companies in conversation about each other’s needs, with the result being one very strong partnership of talent.”