LAS VEGAS — Network-management provider The Genesis Group recently announced that its GW3-TRBO — performance and management tools for Motorola's popular MOTOTRBO solution — is commercially available.

"We took the best of our GenWatch 3 and retooled it to work with MOTOTRBO," said Phil Burks, president and CEO of The Genesis Group. "We are the network-management tool for MOTOTRBO. … We are pretty well integrated into the system itself."

In fact, GW3-TRBO is being packaged as part of MOTOTRBO sales, Burks said. A low-cost trunking solution, MOTOTRBO is not as feature-rich or as complex as a P25 system, which means Genesis is able to offer GW3-TRBO at a significantly lower price than the complete GenWatch 3 product typically used with public-safety systems, he said.