Network-management provider The Genesis Group this week is demonstrating GenHPD to monitor data transmissions on Motorola’s ASTRO 25 high-performance data (HPD) system at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

GenHPD allows operators of an ASTRO 25 network to quickly access information about users’ data experiences, including the throughput speeds and usage of the networks, said Jim Nipp, project manager for Genesis.

“We’re not analyzing the back-end landline network … [but] over the air — who’s using how much and what kind of throughput they are actually getting,” he said. “This lets [network operators] easily identify bandwidth hogs and the subscribers, sites and applications that may be killing you, because there’s only so much bandwidth to go around.”

Genesis has long provided network-management tools for LMR voice networks; this year the company hopes to enter the network-management arena for data systems this year, Nipp said.

“The Genesis tools are already an accepted standard in the two-way world and the trunking radio–system world,” he said. “We want to move that over to the enterprise side to handle that data, because ultimately I think they are going to come together.”