Harris RF Communications tomorrow will host a Florida technology showcase in conjunction with Williams Communications — a network solutions provider for Harris — to celebrate Williams' half-century in the radio industry.

During the event at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, representatives of several agencies will give presentations regarding public-safety communications readiness in Florida to respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes or large planned events, such as the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami.

“It’s a good event for us,” said Craig Moore, Harris RF Communications’ vice president of North America sales for public-safety and professional communications. “We want to be there to support Williams in celebrating their 50th anniversary … and to talk with our customer base.”

Of course, Harris’ biggest network in Florida is the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS), an 800 MHz EDACS system that serves more than 15,000 radios in patrol cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft with 98% mobile and portable coverage throughout the state.

“The good thing about the network we put in place is that it’s future-ready,” Moore said. “We’re ready to work with them to take SLERS wherever they need to take it in terms of platform or technology.”

Harris inherited the SLERS network when it purchased Tyco Electronics Wireless Systems in a deal completed in June. Under the SLERS deal, Harris owns and operates the network, which is leased by the state.

“It’s been a good partnership between Harris and the state,” Moore said. “It’s a unique model that we continue to pursue as a business in some areas, but it has to be the right fit — the right number of users and the right business model — to make it work for both parties.”