TD-CDMA technology inventor IPWireless introduced the availability of what it calls "Network in a Box," a self-contained modular mobile broadband network product that enables rapid deployment of a TD-CDMA network in the 2.5 GHz and entire 700 MHz range.

IPWireless is targeting public-safety users and rural network providers. For public safety, IPWireless is pushing the solution as a way to rapidly construct a temporary mobile broadband network for an emergency incident or planned event. Moreover, the solution should help IPWireless woo more government customers to the LTE-upgradable technology. New York City and Gillette, Wyo., have deployed permanent TD-CDMA systems for public-safety and government use.

"For public-safety organizations, Network in a Box enables cities to more easily deploy a trial network and test performance before making a citywide investment," said Jon Hambidge, vice president of marketing for IPWireless. "This is an important factor for those cities who are looking to deploy a network ahead of a national interoperable public-safety network."

For rural operators who might not migrate to 3G — let alone 4G — networks in the near future, the solution can operate as a standalone network supporting up to 16,000 users and enables operators to rapidly deploy a TD-CDMA network and test service concepts with consumers.

IPWireless has been gaining some traction with rural operators. Southern Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority (SGRITA) is building a wireless broadband network for rural residents and businesses in Georgia. Pennsylvania-based ISP USA Choice Internet Services is deploying a multi-service communications network, with plans to offer fixed and mobile applications for public safety, mobile data, and voice capabilities and video-surveillance services in Crawford, Forest, Venango and Warren counties in Pennsylvania. Both companies won spectrum in the 700 MHz auction.

Though created for the unpaired time division duplex bands, the TD-CDMA network can operate in paired band spectrum, known as frequency division duplex (FDD) by creating two TDD channels with one running over the uplink and the other over the downlink. IPWireless has promised that TD-CDMA offers a smooth migration path to LTE.

The solution includes a functional pre-configured core network that offers routing, authentication and radio access network management. Node B options and expansion kits allow customers to create a custom network that meets their needs. Expansion kits are available for deploying User Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) authentication, Voice-over IP (VoIP), core network redundancy, a User Management System (UMS), or network management.