Kenwood last week introduced two new NEXEDGE digital repeaters — the VHF NXR-710 and the UHF NXR-810 — to provide a low-cost alternative for users operating single-site repeaters that need to comply with the FCC’s narrowband requirements.

The VHF NXR-710 and the UHF NXR-810 are single-site repeaters enable operations on 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz channels in analog mode, as well as 12.5 kHz and a true 6.25 kHz in digital mode, said John North, general manager of Kenwood’s systems division. With a retail cost of $2,150 per unit, the new repeaters are designed as a more affordable alternative to the NEXEDGE networked solutions that can handle LTR and NEXEDGE traffic simultaneously, provide customers with flexibility as they make their narrowbanding transitions, he said.

“It’s a product that was developed to meet the current and future FCC mandates, at the same time allowing an easy migration path for users who want to upgrade their system but simply can’t afford to replace all of their portable radios and mobile radios [at one time],” North said. “It allows them to get into a higher-tech product at a lower price.”

Kenwood believe the new repeaters will appeal to a variety of users, including those in the school, campus, hospital, hospitality, industrial facilities, and rural public-safety and utility sectors.

“The 710/810 is not a networked solution at this time, so we’re targeting the rural market with this product, because they don’t have a need for a multi-channel, multi-site systems, in most cases,” North said.