KANSAS CITY—Kenwood USA announced the TKR-7400P/8400P VHF and UHF Project 25 conventional repeater system. The system consists of the TKR-740/840 repeater and the TRK-C40 P25 controller, which supports up to four conventional P25 channels to deliver digital communications while also providing continuous service to analog operations.

This ability provides analog users with a graceful migration path to P25, said Joe Watts, Kenwood’s land mobile radio product manager. “This will allow them to keep using the equipment they already have, which always is important, but even more so in today’s tough economy,” Watts said.

The announcement follows by a couple of weeks Kenwood’s introduction of lightweight, high-duty-cycle lithium polymer batteries for its portable radios.

The KNB-43L is a 9.0 VDC battery that offers a 20-hour life cycle and is designed for use as backup power in emergencies and when charging isn’t available. It is rated at 3300 mAh. The KNB-49PL is a 7.2 VDC rechargeable battery that weighs 6.34 ounces, is rated at 4500 mAh and offers a 10-year shelf life. It is compatible with the KSC-32 charger and the KSC-326K gang charger.