Motorola has announced a research-and-development (R&D) restructuring as part of its strategic review process that is expected to result in 150 job cuts, according to a company spokeswoman.

The company will move some Motorola Labs groups into the businesses they support. Specifically, about 180 employees will be transferred to the mobile-devices, home-and-networks-mobility, and public-safety units. About 300 employees will remain in the central applied-research-and-technology-center organization.

“Innovation is still definitely a core of who we are as a company and of what we do,” Motorola spokeswoman Maya Komadina said during an interview with MRT. “We’re continuing to invest wisely in R&D based on our business strategy by aligning our R&D resources more closely with the businesses they serve, hoping that will result in more relevant, high-impact innovation.”

In an effort to streamline and prioritize its R&D efforts, Motorola will discontinue some projects, resulting in about 150 job cuts worldwide. Motorola has not identified the projects that will be discontinued, Komadina said.

Although those 150 employees will not be part of Motorola’s future R&D plans, they may still be able to stay with the vendor giant.

“We’re currently assessing opportunities for eligible employees to apply for other positions within Motorola,” according to a company statement.