LAS VEGAS — Shielded enclosure-systems manufacturer Pepro this week is unveiling its new Micro Radio Site—designed to provide a protected mobile base station that can be deployed quickly—at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

“This is the coming-out party for the Micro Site,” Pepro President Vic Garmong said.

Recently tested by Lightning Technologies to withstand more than 1 million volts and 87,000 amps without interrupting operation, the Micro Radio Site comes in a small footprint — 38 by 45 by 67 inches — and does not require excavation or foundation, according to the company.

“You just set it on the ground,” Garmong said. “We can send it in with a helicopter, a small pickup truck or an ATV.”

Optional features such as a 20-foot unguyed tower, HVAC and a solar-panel bracket can make the solution a self-sustaining radio site that can be deployed — and removed — from a given area quickly.

“Our towers are all articulated, as opposed to telescopic,” Garmong said. “So, you can put your antennas and cables on our towers and they stay there — you never take them off. So, you can raise your tower and be functioning in three-and-a-half minutes.”