Shielded enclosure-systems manufacturer Pepro unveiled a new wireless controller for its pan-and-tilt directional mount and featured its ruggedized cabinet enclosure during this week’s Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference in Philadelphia.

Previously, Pepro’s pan-and-tilt directional mount could be adjusted, but only from a distance as great as the length of a cable connection, said Kelly Lander, a vice president at Pepro. However, with the new wireless controller that operates on licensed 800 MHz spectrum, a technician can make the adjustment from 500 feet or more — possibly from inside a vehicle, in many cases. The offering is designed to improve efficiency, safety and reliability.

“There’s less for somebody to tamper with,” Lander said. “The range is much greater, too.”

In addition, Pepro displayed the hardened cabinet used to house its Micro Radio Site, which has been tested to withstand lightning of more than 1 million volts and 87,000 amps without interrupting operation, Lander said. The APCO display included “no frills,” such as radio electronics, she said.

“Hopefully, people will be able to identify other ways they might be able to utilize it,” Lander said.