PlantCML released the ORION Vela 2.0, a mapping solution that lets call-takers determine wire-line and wireless call locations for dispatching first responders, said Mahendra Soneji, the company's vice president of product management.

"The call-taking platform provides the number and location, which lets the call-taker dispatch the first responder to the right area," Soneji said.

Soneji said ORION Vela 2.0 has the ability to prioritize when a Phase I wireless call is received and is able to search for roads in the call-sector coverage area.

"If someone calls from a cell phone, they can find their location," he said. "That's something the mapping application supports."

The mapping solution provides multiple configurable map views and access rights based on user login. It also provides for measurement unit conversion (distance and area) and includes built-in support of ESRI-compliant shapefiles and personal geo-databases, which allows customers to utilize their existing ESRI tools to build and maintain map data sets, Soneji said.

In addition, the solution includes the company's DataSync 4.0 application. DataSync 4.0 is an automated file distribution application for synchronizing data across a wide or local area network that lets users distributes map updates automatically to each desktop. Soneji said the centralized management of various map templates for different geographical sites, different user categories (call taker, dispatcher or supervisor) and different agency types (police, fire or EMS) provides for a single system to provide all the mapping capabilities required for a coordinated implementation.

"This provides a significant time savings and money when it comes to updating maps," he said. "We can provide map updates faster to the call takers than normally would be possible."