Video platform provider Qumu this week announced the launch of two products — Video Control Center 6.0 and its sister product, VideoNet 2.0 — that are designed to provide enterprises with a platform that allows video to be managed easily from a central location without the fear of compromising security.

With the new Qumu platform, enterprise automatically can control which videos employees can share through social media to any device, instead of requiring the employee to multiple approvals that meet corporate policies and procedures.

“Think of us as kind of the plumbing that handles the size and complexity of video, both through our content management and distribution capability,” Qumu CEO Ray Hood said in an interview. “That also lets them very easily … expose that same content virtually anywhere on their corporate infrastructure — on a blog or webpage, whether it is internally or externally facing.

“And, no matter where it gets exposed, all the content is still managed with the same workflow, policies and security in the Qumu system. It lets [enterprises] put it in once, set the policy and not have to worry about stuff leaking out that shouldn’t leak out, so it’s easy for them to create both public-facing and non-public-facing content in a single system.”

Some of Qumu’s key corporate customers expressed support for the enhancements in the new platform, which supports more than 30 format and resolution combinations used by various mobile devices.

“Qumu’s solution allows our executives to seamlessly broadcast meetings to diverse, distributed, global audiences for live and on demand participation, which has raised the level of employee engagement for eBay, PayPal and subsidiaries.” Ryan Burnham, rich media engineer at eBay, said in a prepared statement. “It’s had a real positive impact on our communications culture.”