RAE Systems launched ProRAE Guardian 1.0, a new software platform that provides first responders with mobile access to threat data. The software aggregates, logs and displays sensor information that is transmitted wirelessly from RAE Systems' and select third-party instruments, said Bill Jackson, a company vice president. Jackson said the software improves safety and security from unseen threats by significantly advancing real-time remote monitoring of wireless gas-detection networks from anywhere in the world and from multiple sources.

Jackson said data can be transmitted via a point-to-point wireless model that goes a long distance but is limited on the number of instruments used because of channel availability. In point to point, each modem on a computer can support up to 64 instruments that are relaying data from up to 2 miles away. He said another option is a mesh network that supports a larger number of devices — up to 450 — but at a shorter distance.

Jackson said detectors covering a 1- to 3-mile radius can be linked to a PC to provide instantaneous readings to multiple viewers across the globe. He said with the addition of GPS location information, data can view data in real time overlaid on detailed maps with graphics.

“Many of the instruments have GPS in them, so as they are placed around an emergency response scene, you’ll see through the software what their status is, including location and detected gases,” Jackson said.

The company’s chemical detection instruments start at $1,500. The software is a time-based subscription model that ranges from $50 to $200 annually, Jackson said.