MOC Products Co. and CalAmp Corp. announced a partnership to market a vehicle monitoring and tracking system for stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) applications through new-car dealerships. The partnership leverages MOC's extensive automotive dealer channel relationships and CalAmp's GPS-based asset tracking technologies, said Mike Zachan, CalAmp's vice president and general manager. Zachan said each vehicle can be tracked once it's been registered through the Web interface. There also are alarms that can be sent to the vehicle owner. The owner then can contact the police directly and provide them with access information for the Web site. Then, police can track the vehicle in real-time.

In other news, the Henrico Police Department deployed Ordia Solutions' Mobile Tactical Collaboration System 2009 — which is integrated with AdvanTraq GPS personal locator devices — during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Crown Royal 400 race. It was used to share a real-time common operating picture between the police mobile command post and the unified command center, where information could quickly be shared with other agencies including Henrico Fire and the Virginia State Police, according to the company. The AdvanTraq GPS devices, which were fitted to each of the police bicycle and arrest teams, gave commanders an added capability to know in real-time the exact locations of key resources.