Digital distribution of information can make enterprise operations much more efficient, but ensuring that sensitive content only is access appropriately can be a significant challenge for organizations. With this in mind, Rimage yesterday announced the availability of the Signal Online Publishing platform, which is designed to let enterprises capture, manage and distribute content securely.

With Signal Online Publishing, content is protected with encryption. Perhaps more important, the content — text, data, image or video — can be accessed only for a limited amount of time, so sensitive information is not released for an endless amount of time, according to Ann Feldman, project manager at Signal.

“It can be duration-based — it can even be a matter of minutes,” Feldman said. “The second type of policy is a number of views — maybe you can look at this video two times. A third policy is based on start and end date.”

Another policy option can be set to require content to be opened in a specific order — for instance, a message from a supervisor before viewing a training video, Feldman said.

Without such a secure content-distribution solution, many enterprises “are kind of living today with a certain amount of risk” as content that includes sensitive information — private records, merger discussions or intellectual property — are distributed via e-mail or delivered much more slowly via a courier, said Melissa Webster, an analyst for IDC.

“There’s so many examples of really high-value intellectual property and internal documents that you don’t want the world to see, but how do you get them to those trusted third parties in a very secure way?” Webster said. “This platform from Rimage Signal has encryption throughout the workflow, and it has the ability for business users to define who can see it, who can’t, can revoke access to the content and who can expire the content.

“It’s a content-publishing platform that easy so use, so a business user essentially can create channels and then publish content into those channels and invite people to subscribe to those channels. The notion for business use is that it’s a secure, publishing platform — the information is encrypted. It’s a very secure platform, so it can be used between companies — and individuals within companies — that need to share very confidential, high-value information.”

Webster said the Signal Online Publishing solution is ideal for the transmission of intellectual property, entertainment video and information associated with mergers-and-acquisitions negotiations. In addition to these enterprise uses, there could be multiple uses in the government and public-safety sectors, as well.

“EMS guys … need patient records to know what drugs the patient’s on or any special health issues, but after that, they shouldn’t have [patients’] health records,” Webster said. I could see it in law enforcement, too. I could see sharing cases with an attorney. But, if it’s project based, when it’s over, you need to be able to revoke that.”

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