LAS VEGAS--Long known as seller of radios and other LMR components, Tait Radio Communications is experiencing 50% annual growth since embarking on a strategy that includes the sale of complete systems, a company executive said here at IWCE.

Two years ago, Tait altered its business model to pursue contracts to sell systems, meaning company employees had to acquire “different skill sets” than were needed when company sold only products such as radios, said Bill Fredrickson, president of Tait Radio Communications North America. So far, the strategy has netted the company contracts for at least 10 P25 systems, he said.

“We’re the second- or third-largest seller of P25 systems,” Fredrickson said. “That’s something people don’t know.”

Key to Tait’s value proposition are systems that are based completely on open standards—“we don’t have any ‘manufacturer optional’ features,” Fredrickson said—and a willingness to modify its products to meet the needs of customers, regardless of their size.

“We trying to go after a part of the market that’s underserved—smaller and medium-sized public-safety entities,” Fredrickson said. “We’re finding that the market is looking for alternatives.”