LAS VEGAS — Bird Technologies is introducing this week at IWCE 2011 a new 700 MHz/800 MHz digital signal booster that is designed to enhance in-building coverage. The trade show portion of the conference kicks off today.

A key feature of the device is the ability to program bandwidth and filtering via software, said Tim O’Brien, a technical marketing manager for the company.

“This helps a lot at the installation site,” O’Brien said. “A lot of times, people don’t know the signals that are in the area, some of which will rob some of the gain from the signals you want.”

He added that the software configuration is executed through a Web interface. “It can be done anywhere that they can access the Internet,” he said.

Without the software-configuration ability, the device would have to be pre-configured. Then, if channels would need to be added later, the device would have to be sent back to the repair shop or a technician would have to perform a hardware configuration in the field, which is costly and time consuming, O’Brien said.

The signal booster is compatible with National Fire Protection Association and International Association of Fire Chiefs in-building coverage standards and is housed in a NEMA-4 enclosure, O’Brien said.