Galtronics Corp. recently unveiled dual-polarized antennas designed for the in-building 4G/LTE market.

The PEAR DAS (distributed antenna system) is a dual-polarized antenna that can cope with MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) signal reception. MIMO is highly useful in 4G/LTE environments, because it harnesses reflected signals as well as line-of-sight transmissions for enhanced signal strength and more reliable reception/transmission.

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“Our new dual-polarized antenna provides the same kind of MIMO performance that is usually only possible using a pair of antennas spaced at least 6 feet apart,” Rob Booth, Galtronics’ vice president of Infrastructure, said. “This, plus the fact that our PEAR line is designed for easy installation within or through suspended ceilings, delivers a 4G/LTE system that requires fewer antennas to operate. This means less money spent and less disturbance to in-building areas — something that landlords and property owners appreciate.”

Galtronics also debuted two vertically polarized PEAR DAS antennas at the 2012 DAS in Action meeting this week in Atlanta.

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